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Privacy Policy

Data Protection Act (1984) and privacy: Under the Act Hitchin Swimming Club is an unincorporated Members Club and is therefore exempt from the Data Protection Register under certain conditions. Information which is held by Hitchin Swimming Club (the “Club”) may be used by the Club’s committee / Head Coach for the effective running of the Club. You may inspect your personal information held by the Club - please contact .

Details of swimmers’ and coaches’ names may be passed to the swim centers we use in accordance with their pool operating policies. The Club will not disclose information beyond the above or to any 3rd parties unless required to do so by law.

Equal Opportunities

Hitchin Swimming Club is an equal opportunities organization. We only ask that swimmers are sufficiently strong to be able to train in at least our development squad.

We support and follow the ASA’s Code of Ethics, which covers issues of responsibility, humanity, relationships, commitment, co-operation, integrity, confidentiality, abuse of privilege, personal standards, safety, issues of competence and bullying. We also follow the ASA’s guidelines on Child Protection.

In order to minimize our administration costs and to more efficient, we aim to use the internet and e-mail as much as possible. However, we will always provide alternative mechanisms for those people which need them.

Good Faith

All the information provided on this web site is provided in good faith. However neither Hitchin Swimming Club or the club’s committee can take responsibility for decisions taken based on this information.

Child Protection or Inappropriate Material or Errors

We take child protection extremely seriously within the club and follow the Amateur Swimming Association’s (ASA) guidelines. We are also a Swim21 accredited swimming club which sets minimum standards for child protection.

If you have any child protection concerns then please contact Helen Owen , our child protection officer. Or you can ring the ASA’s own child protection service on 0808 100 4001.

If you feel that any of the content on this site is inappropriate please either contact us using the Contact Us details or e-mail .

We apologise for any errors on this site or for any offence given. Please contact and we will do our best to remove the relevant material.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Hitchin Swimming Club seeks to play a positive role in the wider community within which it operates. We support special needs galas and the Hitchin Scouts’ gala. Any suggestions as to how we can play a wider role are welcomed and should be sent to .